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  The Mega Nation-Wide Experiment, a novel endeavour of VVM, is an experiment based on the food habits of students, nutritional value of the food they partake, and its environmental impact. The objectives of this mega experiment are inculcating observational skills, a scientic mindset, and analytical thinking among our students.
The experiment will be performed in three stages. In the rst stage, students will document the details of breakfast (or the rst large meal of the day) items they had during a period of one week. The next two stages will be dependent on the information gathered in the rst stage.
In the later stages of the experiment, students will perform tabulation and categorization of their data, in addition to a small write-up in less than 100 words. The details of subsequent stages, which will cover many aspects, will be shared with the VVM participants in due course of time. The ndings of the Mega Nation-Wide Experiment will be published on the VVM website to let students know where they stand vis-à-vis the larger picture.
The whole experiment is conceptualized in such a way that the participating students will make several observations, analyze their food habits and lifestyles, and carry out some preliminary measurements and calculations. Additionally, one of the main objectives of the mega nation- wide experiment is to spread awareness about the current environmental challenges. We strongly believe that students will be able to situate themselves within the national framework and determine their rate of carbon emission, scope for improvement, and means of doing the same. The experiment is expected to make the participants aware of the medicinal role of food partaken, if consumed in the right way.
The complete outcome of the Mega Experiment with its objectives, ndings and impact on the national scenario will be shared during the National Camp of Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan 2021. The results will also be shared with concerned institutions, government agencies, and policy- makers.
We look ahead at conducting this experiment successfully with the cooperation of all stakeholders.
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