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   The student must also specify the details of the device (as the App for each device varies) from which he is planning to take the exam in order to download the VVM Exam App compatible with his/her device.
 Studentcanconrmthedetailsdisplayedorchangethedevicebyprovidingthedetailsofthe device he will use for taking the exam.
 Thedetailsofallthestudentsregisteredfromthatschool/institutewillbeaccessiblefromthe school/institute login. The authority to modify a student's prole rests only with the Principal or School/Institute Exam Coordinator.
1. Students registering individually or through school will have to pay a fee of Rs. 100/- (Rupees Hundred Only).
2. School/Institute coordinator is requested to retain Rs. 20/- per student as a service charge with school/institute and rest of the amount will be transferred only through Online Payment Mode to VVM Delhi ofce. In case of account payment, please ensure to upload the receipt & transaction id and submit the transaction details.
All the students will appear for the examination using their own devices with internet connectivity from their home. Students will have to ensure time-to-time update of VVM Exam App. They must also ensure that they use the same device that they had used to attempt mock exams. They should make sure that the device is fully charged and App is working properly if they are using any other device.
Once the registration process is complete, the Exam App will be made available for download from the prole page of the student. The App will be installed and will function properly only if the registered device (laptop / tablet / mobile) details are correct or it is downloaded according to the operating system of the desired device from student's prole page. The prole page will contain detailed instructions for App download and installation. Request support link will be available in case of any issues.
Once the App is downloaded, the user will have the option to test the same by attempting Mock Exams. Students will have to update it regularly and for this purpose he/she will have to allow push
notication from this App to update notications.
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