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Students participating in VVM shall undergo the following multi-level testing procedures: o Objective type Multiple Choice Questions
o Comprehensive Writing
o Presentation and Group Discussion
o Role Play
o Practical examination o Methods of Science
For the winners of VVM, the program also includes organising visits to National Science Laboratories and Centres of repute and interaction with renowned scientists of the nation. The VVM will identify Vigyan Jigyasu ( ) - Keen Knowledge Seeker of Science at the national-level.
Each student will be evaluated vis-à-vis his/her class peers at all the stages i.e. school, state and national level.
There will be only one examination for a total of one hour thirty minutes duration at school level with 100 multiple choice questions, each weighted for one mark. Examination will consist of Two Segments viz. Section-A (comprising of 40 questions from study material Indian Contributions to Science; Life story of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray & India's Freedom Struggle & Science to be provided by VijnanaBharati) &Section-B(comprisingof60questionsbasedontheTextBooks of NCERT Curriculum & Logic and Reasoning (open source)). The examination will be conducted separately for Junior Group (class VI to VIII) and for Senior Group (class IX to XI).
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