Desktop (Windows) App Instructions

Read the following instructions carefully

Step 1
1. No need to install “SafeExamBrowser” if you have already installed it. Or
2. Download the “SafeExamBrowser” from the below button by seleting your OS.
3. Install the “SafeExamBrowser” app with admin permission.
4. Make sure that the “SafeExamBrowser” app is installed in your computer.


Step 2
1. Now Download Final Exam SEB file (vvm_2022_23_final.seb) or using the below button.
2. Now select this file, right click and open with “SafeExamBrowser”
3. This will open the exam app in the “SafeExamBrowser” app.
4. Ensure the version mentioned in the app is V25 which means you are using the Final Exam Application.
5. If you have any queries/problems while installation please check this document Common Queries